Elise har utsett vinnarna i korttävlingen


här kommer vinnarna i korttävlingen från Träffen:

WINNERS of the Grodans Scrapgarden Card Contest (drum roll please....)

  • Alexander--fars Dag (I love how he used the punches!! And of course, my favorite color scheme of Red and Black!! And he didn't even know! LOL)

  • Annelie Rosinki--Christmas ornament (I love this shaped card and the different bling!!)

  • Linda Wiberg Stjärna--God Jul (I just love the different techniques she used)

  • Pia Kronkvist--God Jul (Of course those that know me, know how I feel about "Snowmen", but I fell in love when I saw this! Extremely elegant card, the "stitching" and even the snowman looks cute!)

  • Sanna Orrgren--God Jul (look at the paper piecing here, and all that bling!! too cute)

**Ha ha!! I bet you guys thought I didn't have the proper keycodes to get those special characters for the Swedish names!! I think it's important that I spell everyone's name the correct way, because you know how I detest it when I get called "Elsie" when my name is "Elise!!" LOL...

I want to thank all of the participants in the contest as well!! It was a really hard decision, and I was going to ask the assistance of some of my American friends that scrap at the LSS here with me, but I had a few that stuck out in my mind as a card that I would LOVE to receive in the mail! You all know how I hate getting bills in the mail, and it's just so exciting when a letter, note or card arrives!! So... without further adeau lets have a look, shall we? Here are all the entries that were submitted... Please make sure to leave a comment about the cards you see here, and let's show a little American "love" for these wonderful Swedish Scrappers!! :) You know how much we like to get "warm fuzzies" on our LOs and work that we create when we upload to the galleries!! TIA!! Elise

Jag tror att paketet med priserna har kommit, jag har fått en avi från posten. Jag kan dock bara hämta det från 16.00.

Kramar, Lucienne

Postat av: sandra

va fina alla var! Jätte snygga!!

2007-11-26 @ 11:47:57
URL: http://sandravarnamnet.blogg.se

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